About Me

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I am a dedicated scientist and doctor specialising in Cellular and Molecular Medicine and committed to making a contribution to the advancements in this field. I am excited about the potential benefits of the advances in this area and its implications for health of populations worldwide.
I have a strong belief in the importance of developing connections, nationally and internationally, providing opportunities to share information and ideas with others working in this field and staying up-to-date with developments. I have strong relationship building skills and the integrity and professional expertise to develop the mutual trust and confidence to maintain an extensive network of connections worldwide.
Strong organisational abilities, an attention to detail and project management skills allow me to manage large projects or events such as conferences to achieve targets within often demanding timeframes.
I have an extensive background in publishing – this experience has given me a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of publication, manuscript management and editing roles. I have 15 years’ experience in journal development and have participated, step-by-step, in every aspect of starting, marketing, publishing and editing a scientific journal.
It is very important to me to work positively with my colleagues and students and to respect and consider the input of others involved in any activity. I have an open and approachable leadership style but also have the ability to set clear directions and accept the responsibilities of leadership roles

Dragos Cretoiu
Medical Doctor, Researcher, Publisher